NSS Registration Procedures 2024/2025


Before Applying to the Ghana national service, one is required to Generate a PIN Code,  pay for the PIN Code, Meet the proposed requirements, follow the registration procedure and pay the necessary bills/fees as required by the NSS. Without this, registration is not possible.

The National Service Scheme, NSS Registration for 2024/2025 service year.

First, To start the registration, you would need to generate your national service, NSS PIN Code and make payment on the national service portal for it to be activated.

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How to Generate NSS PIN CODE

To check and obtain the NSS PIN Code on the NSS portal, you must follow the below step-by-step procedures:

Personnel – This process is to illustrate how to check your payment PIN Code on the system.


To do that go to NSS Portal Or go to portal.nss.gov.gh and click on the “Check And Pay For PIN Code” Button.


STEP 2:Click on Check & Pay for PINCODE and enter your Index Number or School ID Number. Then click Search.

STEP 3: Your PINCODE and personal information would now be displayed for your confirmation.

Please make a note of your PINCODE.

However final year students from all accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana can proceed and visit any branch of Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) to make a payment of GHS 40 before online registration.

While others will have to use the MTN Mobile Money procedure below to make payment.

MTN Mobile Money Payment for NSS PIN Code

All procedure is are available below, first, request for the NSS PIN Code, then follow on with the guidelines till your registration is completed.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose Option 2 “Pay Bill
  3. Choose General Payments (Option 6)
  4. Enter Payment Code as – NSS PINCODE(type NSS, put a space, then type your PINCODE). The menu will return to your name for confirmation.
  5. Enter deposit amount (GH¢41.00).
  6. Enter NSS reference
  7. Enter PIN to confirm payment
  8. You will receive a message to confirm the transaction, then you can proceed to NSS Registration

After you have obtained the PIN Code, head over to registration, without this PIN Code generation is a useless as it could be.

How to Complete NSS Registration Form

To complete your Ghana NSS online registration after obtaining your PIN Code, you must follow the below step-by-step procedures to successfully enrol on the 2022/2022 service year.

All the information you need regarding NSS registration 2024/2025 has been made available below with tutorial pictures and detailed guidelines. so let start with the NSS Registration Requirements.

NSS Registration Requirements:

Below are the NSS registration requirements:

  1. At least one valid National ID – Passport, Voters Card, SSNIT Card or Driver’s Licence
  2. Scanned passport photograph – not more than 1Mb. Would appear on the final certificate, so needs to be formal.

NOTE: This process is for personnel to complete a NSS online registration application form to be issued an NSS number. Please note that all fields with an ASTERISK (*) sign on them are compulsory to fill, and you cannot progress until the requested information is supplied.

Step 1: Log in

Go to the NSS Registration Portal via https://portal.nss.gov.gh/, and enter your username (School Index number or ID number), and your password (payment PIN Code) to log in and access the NSS application form.

Step 2: Get Form

You should now be on the first page of the NSS Application form (Applicant Info).

Please confirm all the information displayed is yours and correct. If not, please contact Live Chat for support.

Select the means of Identification you intend to submit, and enter the ID number.

For any of the IDs you have selected, below are the details the system requires you to enter for ID confirmation

  • Voters ID Card: Required detail is the Voters ID Number as printed exactly on the card.
  • Passport: Required detail is the Official Ghana passport
  • Driver’s License: Required details are Certificate of Competence number, and name as written exactly on the licence
  • SSNIT Card: Required details is the SSNIT number.

Step 3: Confirmation of Identity

The system would compare the information on your ID, and that submitted by your Institution and would provide you with an Identity Match Score.

Identity Match Score  Comments 
PERFECT Identity information is perfect.
GOOD Identity information is good enough
FAIR Identity information needs further investigation
BAD Identity information needs further investigation

Note: Personnel with scores FAIR and BAD would need further approval from NSS before final posting. However, everyone can proceed to fill in the form.

Regardless of your Identity Match Score, please click on the disclaimer message, and click on ‘Confirm and Continue’ to progress to the next page.

Step 4: Application Information

You would now be required to complete the rest of the applicant information. Upload your passport photograph and ensure it is within the size specification of not more than 1MB.

Address and contact information are all compulsory fields. Please ensure the information here is current and active, as this is the only way the NSS can reach you. Enter your Next of KIN information for use as an emergency contact.

Step 5: Employment Info.

You should now be on the NSS SERVICE INFO page. Enter your employment history and click on SAVE & CONTINUE. 

Step 6: Preference Page

You should now be on the PREFERENCE page. Information supplied here would guide the NSS on your final posting, so ensure to provide accurate information.

Select your 3 preferred regions to be posted, in your order of preference (Region I being the number 1 choice).

Select the local languages you can read, speak, and write.

Select the foreign languages you can read, speak, and write. Finally, select your industry of preference to be posted. Personnel interested in Entrepreneurship are strongly advised to select this as Service

Option 1. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE.

Step 7: Review All Details

You should now be on the PREVIEW page. This is a summary of all the information already provided.

Read through and ensure all of it is correct. Use the BACK button if you intend to change any details. 

Click on SUBMIT.

Step 8: Well done!

Congratulations! You have now completed your NSS online registration. You should see a congratulatory page and your NSS number assignment.

You also now have an NSS dashboard to yourself, where you can review any registration information or request services for the NSS.

  • How to Access NSS Dashboard
  • How to Print NSS Registration Summary
    • To print your registration summary, click on CLICK TO PRINT at the bottom of the page.
  • How to Login to Your Dashboard
    • To login to your personnel dashboard later, go to the homepage https://portal.nss.gov.gh and sign in as personnel.
      • Your login here is your email address used in registration and your PINCODE.

Sample View of NSS Personnel Dashboard

For Support While Filling the Forms, Please Use the Live Chat at The Bottom Right- Corner of The Page to Contact a Personnel Support Rep.

National Service NSS Registration Closing Date NSS Registration is scheduled to close on Wednesday, June 30, 2024.

SEE – How to Get Posted to Preferred Institution by Ghana NSS Without Charges.

NSS Registration Centres

National Service NSS Registration Centres and Districts for Nss Registration is linked below;

NSS Contact Details

Address: 46 Patrice Lumumba Road,
Airport Residential Area
Accra Ghana

Tel: +233-302-772714 / 769194 / 0507193125 / 0507193128 / +233-302-769074 / 0507193125 / 0507193128 / 0507193129 / 0507107206


Call Centre Numbers:

Tel: 0299370105 / 0299370117 / 0299370118 / 0299370119 / 0299370203


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